Wedding Gowns

All young ladies want the same, to have their wedding ceremony really special and original. To puzzle out the wedding styles’ diversity, just answer the following series of questions on reading the article about wedding gown styles below:

1. What length of the gown would you like to put on? Long or Short one?

In case you’d like to have your minor friends carrying your trail, you are to answer long one. Likewise you could have a trail in case you opt for short attire too.

2. What kind of skirt would you like to put on?

  • Flare vs. trumpet;
  • Column/Straight/Sheath vs. Ball;
  • Mermaid vs. A-line;

3. What kind of back design suits to your body design? Without back or with one?

4. What kind of sleeves would you like to have?

5. What kind of waistline would you like to have in your wedding gown?

The length

  • Short wedding gown. Depending on season of the day you’ve appointed your ceremony, on location and on your and personal tastes you may need a wedding gown that is not a traditional floor-long white wedding attire. In case you prefer to show-off your beautiful legs at a ceremony you can choose from among the following lengths:
  • Mini: to end simply below the hips. Mini length could be appropriate in case you have an irresistible pair of legs and you are going to get married somewhere on Miami beach or in Las Vegas.
  • Above-the-knee: an excellent variant for a summer ceremony.
  • Tea length/below the knee. You would enjoy this length if you are 1950’s fashion admirer. Being really sexy and elegant tea length may offer you a great deal of flexibility and ease all that great day long.
  • Long trailed wedding gown. Traditional trailed wedding gown, no matter be it short or long, would make a bride look like a fairy tale queen everywhere, from Miami to Hawaii.

Even if you did made up your mind to have your girlfriends burst of envy at your irresistible legs, you may also have your gown added with an elegant long trail.

1-piece long and short wedding gown

If you have not made decision on the matter of the skirt’s length think over the next options:

  • A single piece long and short wedding gown: long in the back and short in the front with a would-be trail, in case you opt for one.
  • A two-piece long and short wedding gown: your long skirt may be the second, detachable piece tied on or otherwise fixed to the main short dress. Being money saving and a dual functional option for those who’d like to have tow wedding gowns with a single purchase. By transferring your ceremonial attire into a single-piece dress you may obtain another dress appropriate to some cocktail-or other after-party.
  • The princess skirt/Ball gown. This kind of wedding gown is excellent for those brides who have been long dreaming for a fairy-tale fashion wedding ceremony. The ball princess gown suits you best if you would like to have traditional crowdy wedding where the grandeur of dress code is most appropriate to the grandeur of the event itself.

The ball gown wedding dress perfectly matches with a pear-shaped slender figure. The full skirt allows hiding the lower figure and emphasizing the waist. This style may also accentuate a big breast, accentuate your waistline and make an hourglass look for you.

In case you are not as tall as Nicole Kidman the bal wedding gown’s volume may create unneeded and false illusions. Your overall height may be not enough to balance the skirt’s size. Furthermore, the skirt could make a full-breast bride look inappropriately larger.

Tip. Such hugging styles as sheath/column dress may restrict your movements, including your ability to dance or even sit. In case you’d like to have a column-like dress, you’d better consider try one with high stretch percentage in its fabric; back slit would also allow you feel freely and look irresistibly.

Backless wedding gown

It is no wonder that you’ve made up your mind to have your wedding ceremony arranged at a summer season. You are obliged to show of your feminine neck, shoulders and back during your life’s most important ceremony. If so, please think over these necklines:

  • Cross-back-neckline;
  • Halter neckline;
  • Key-holed gown back with a neckline to make up that key-hole shape design;
  • Thin strapped neckline;
  • Sweetheart neckline;
  • Long sleeves.

There is a plenty of long-sleeves styles similar to the sheath style with either peasant or bishop sleeves which are looser but have rather tight cuffs though. An empire style is peculiar by the lifted waistline sitting right below the breast. Although empire dress style fits any body type it suits especially to those with a small breast.

The gowns made in this style accentuate the neckline making you look more slender. Such accents as well as such embellishment as beadwork or cap sleeves may attract attention to your neckline and make up an illusion of your bigger breast.

Furthermore empire design may also conceal an excessive breast size, by minimizing and controlling the bust. Empire dress design may be useful in concealing such body features as pear-shaped figure, short legs, or too long torso. As long as the gown flows from the breast line it may surely leave those parts undefined.

The number of gown styles is maybe as big as the number of the tailors who offer you their services so least you should be taken in at your #1 ceremony please remember that your outer beauty is made by your feeling happy this special day.